• Question: When you first started was you worried and nervous?

    Asked by Lily-May to Sophie, Pauline, Michelle, Henry, Fidel on 7 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Henry Watts

      Henry Watts answered on 7 Nov 2018:

      Hi Lily-May,
      Like any young person starting a new job, of course I was a bit nervous! However, the training I got at my first job and the support from the other people working there was excellent so I quickly found my feet and got stuck into my first project. This happens every time I move to a new team or a new company, it’s all part of the natural cycle of getting to know a new job and group of people – imagine moving to a new school or how you will feel heading off to College or University – it’s just the same. The important thing is to remember everyone feels that way so they are looking for that support from you as well as being open to providing it for you. Every time you do it it gets a little bit easier!

    • Photo: Michelle Hands

      Michelle Hands answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      Hey, Yeah all the time. There are so many things to learn and new people to meet. Nerves are completely normal though. After a few weeks I became more confident and my work mates were very good to me. If I ever needed help they were there for me 🙂

    • Photo: Fidel Olaye

      Fidel Olaye answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      Yeah I was nervous about starting my working life after finishing university because I wasn’t sure I would be able to get into the whole routine of waking up early and going to bed on time. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be and I got into it quite easily.
      I was also a bit worried about not being good enough at what tasks I get given but then when I started I learnt a lot of the processes and standards and got up to an acceptable level quite quickly.
      As you work more and integrate with your team, things will definitely easier and you’ll build your confidence.