• Question: What is your favourite thing about being an engineer?

    Asked by 986msep29 to Sophie, Pauline, Michelle, Henry, Fidel, Chris on 12 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Henry Watts

      Henry Watts answered on 12 Nov 2018:

      There are lots of things to love about being an engineer – i know how the world works and I get to work with some cutting edge technology before the world gets to see it – imagine working with the first prototype iPhone! However, the top of my list is being able to make things for/with my 2 girls and explain the world to them without having to google it first!

    • Photo: Michelle Hands

      Michelle Hands answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      Best thing is having fun with the job and with my work mates. The atmosphere on a building site is great. I love chatting with lots of different types of workers and learning about their jobs whilst helping them out. I also love tea breaks and seeing projects all finished up.

    • Photo: Fidel Olaye

      Fidel Olaye answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      For me, it’s designing stuff and dealing with numbers and calculations. When you see what you designed get trialled and used, it’s a great feeling.