• Question: If one of us wanted to become an engineer, what advice would you give us?

    Asked by 727msep46 to Sophie, Pauline, Michelle, Henry, Fidel, Chris on 5 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Michelle Hands

      Michelle Hands answered on 5 Nov 2018:

      I would say, you can really do anything you set your mind to. I wasn’t particularly clever at school and struggled with a lot of subjects. I didn’t let this stop me from trying and the hard work eventually paid off. I would also say, prepare yourself for a very exciting fun career! You will love it

    • Photo: Henry Watts

      Henry Watts answered on 5 Nov 2018:

      One of the best things about engineering is that it is such a broad title – there are literally thousands of differnet types of engineer. That means here is probably a type that will suit your interests which is important for keeping you motivated at work. My advice is to think carefully about what excites you outside of school – racing cars, websites, warships, computer games, whatever – they all need engineers!! That way you can find a route to the best training to get you into the industry.

    • Photo: Sophie Rimmer

      Sophie Rimmer answered on 5 Nov 2018:

      Go for it! Do some research into what the different types of engineering are and always chat to any engineers you meet. There are so many different types of engineering that you could do.

    • Photo: Chris Neale

      Chris Neale answered on 5 Nov 2018:

      You can do it!
      Ask your teachers, look for clubs to go to, search and read up about your chosen field on the internet.

      Practice! (if possible) and see if your teacher could set you up with a mentor, maybe a STEM ambassador for your engineering field.