• Question: Do you have any qualifications related to engineering? Which do you think are most important?

    Asked by mykolabihun to Chris, Fidel, Henry, Michelle, Pauline, Sophie on 7 Nov 2018.
    • Photo: Henry Watts

      Henry Watts answered on 7 Nov 2018:

      I’ve picked up a butt-load of qualifications and certificates over the years but the key engineering ones are:
      My degree, a Masters of Engineering (MEng) in Electronics & Digital Control. This certifies that I can understand and utilise even the more complex aspects of electronic engineering and control systems.
      My project manager’s qualification (APMP). This certifies that I understand how to run complex projects with lots of people and large amounts of money with difficult deadlines.
      The Systems Engineering & Management Course (SEMC) that I completed which is a military course certifying that I understand all the physical principles and equipment that make things like radar, sonar and missiles work.
      One of the great things about engineering is that you never stop learning because there are always new technologies and new subjects to learn about, you just have to chose ones that support the career path you are developing. I think it’s quite exciting!

    • Photo: Sophie Rimmer

      Sophie Rimmer answered on 8 Nov 2018:

      I have a masters degree in chemical engineering, which is important if you want to be a chemical engineer since you learn about the maths and science behind what’s done in a chemical plant.

      I’m currently studying for a PhD, which isn’t so important to most chemical engineers, but if you want to work doing research then it is a good one to have.

    • Photo: Michelle Hands

      Michelle Hands answered on 13 Nov 2018:

      I have a degree in Geography and then I studied engineering at a collage when I wanted to become and engineer. I think maths and science are important, but wanting to learn can take you a long way.

    • Photo: Fidel Olaye

      Fidel Olaye answered on 14 Nov 2018:

      Well I’ve got 5 IGCSE’s (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & English), 3 A-Levels (Maths, Physics & Chemistry) and an MEng in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. I’ve also got my CSCS card in case I go onsite. I think Maths is very important and Sciences in general are definitely key. Specific Science subjects will depend on what type of engineering you want to get into.